San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer

San Diego criminal defense lawyer Edward C. Arthur is experienced in all facets of California criminal code, criminal court rules, penalties, sentencing guidelines, mitigating factors and plea bargaining. He uses his vast experience and knowledge in California criminal law to represent his clients to the best of his ability and leave no stone unturned to get a favorable outcome for his clients. If you have been accused of a crime, no matter how small it may seem, the negative effects on you and your loved ones can be life long. Call us for a free consultation and speak to attorney Edward C. Arthur about your situation. The sooner you call, the better it may be for your situation to talk to Edward and let an experienced San Diego criminal lawyer help you.

San Diego criminal defense lawyer Edward C. Arthur specializes in California criminal defense and has vast knowledge and extensive experience in the following crimes and more:

Rape/Sex Crimes
Probation Violations
Theft Offenses
Traffic Offenses
DMV Hearings/License Suspensions
Domestic Violence

Attorney Edward C. Arthur can also advise you on bail bond options in order to keep you out of jail and at home with your loved ones while he fights for your rights and freedom. Contact San Diego criminal defense Edward C. Arthur today and get some peace of mind.