San Diego Bail Bonds Lawyer

Attorney Edward C. Arthur has over 25 years experience representing licensed sureties and bail bond offices throughout the State of California. In addition to helping his clients who have been charged with a crime and advising them of their bail bond options, Edward also provides vigorous litigation for licensed bail bond offices regarding bail forfeiture/exoneration, extensions, summary judgment and Penal Code 1275.1 hearings.

“The object of bail and its forfeiture is to insure the attendance of the accused and his obedience to the order and judgment of the court. In matters of this kind, there should be no element of revenue to the state nor punishment of the surety.” People v. Wilcox Ins.Co.,(1960) 53 Cal.2d 651 at 657, 2 Cal.Rptr. 754, 349 P.2d 522

Contact Edward C. Arthur today and he can advise you regarding the bail bonds process whether you are a defendant or a bondsmen.