Domestic Litigation


If you find yourself or a loved one facing the difficult circumstances of a divorce, the law office of Edward C. Arthur can help you. Divorce is stressful, there is no disputing that. However, your choice of lawyer to represent you during this time can greatly reduce this stress. Edward is an experienced divorce lawyer who will represent you with compassion and fight for your best interests. That is what you need and deserve. Contact us and let’s talk.

Legal Separation

Divorce is a major and life changing event for most people and should never be taken lightly. If you are considering getting a divorce but are unsure and/or have questions, don’t meet the residency requirements, have religious concerns regarding divorce or do not want to wait the required waiting period for the divorce to be finalized, a legal separation may be an option for you. Contact the law office of Edward C. Arthur.

Child Support & Visitation

If you are a divorced, separated or single parent, child support and visitation are probably at the top of your concerns. Child support calculations can be complex if you do not have an experienced lawyer representing your best interest. The law office of Edward C. Arthur can help you with all child support and visitation related issues. Contact us today and get your questions answered.